A beer in the name of Zwickau’s patron saint.

Zwickauer Mauritius is a strong brand. The patron saint “Mauritius” is epitomised in the company’s logo and on the beer labels, representing the brewery’s ties to Zwickau. Beer from Zwickau is a Europe-wide ambassador and advertising medium for city’s image. Annually, approximately 60 million bottle labels with the Zwickau logo contribute to increasing the city’s level of recognition trans-regionally.

Regional commitment

The historical connection of the Mauritius Privatbrauerei with Zwickau is not only visible through the name of the patron saint, but also in the large variety of regional commitment that the brewery is involved in.

Whether it’s events such as Zwickau’s city festival, art and culture, theatre, sports or associations – as a firmly established economic factor and employer, the private brewery shows its commitment in many social sectors and contributes to the development and modernisation of Zwickau’s social life and the preservation of traditions.

The tradition of automobile construction

Thanks to August Horch’s automobile development, Zwickau became known as an important location of the automotive industry.

With the manufacture of vehicles of world-renowned brands such as Horch, Audi, DKW, Trabant and Volkswagen, Zwickau has been and continues to be a success story; a documented one to the delight of all car enthusiasts. We are therefore dedicating our export beer speciality, the Trabi-Bier Deluxe in a can to the TRABANT, a legend on wheels.

August Horch Museum

The August Horch Museum is one of only two automobile museums in all of Germany that is located in a former car manufacturing plant. This is where the Audi brand was founded; later parts of the Trabant were produced here. Opened in 2004, the museum spans over an area of 6,500m2 and takes visitors on a journey through the history of local and regional automotive construction.

Zwickau’s Black Gold

Zwickau’s mining tradition has shaped the region’s development and appearance for approximately 700 years.

In the Middle Ages, silver mining in the East Ore Mountains helped Zwickau’s middle class accumulate wealth, prestige and power. The bright silver was followed by black coal. The so-called “black gold” bestowed immense prosperity on Zwickau. With the industrialisation, black coal gained great importance and made Zwickau one of the leading industrial cities in Saxony. Even the Elector himself was to have praised Zwickau as a “gem on his lands.” Although mining stopped in 1978, the traditions continue to live on. A 3.5 km-long educational mining trail was created in Zwickau’s black coal district by the Steinkohlebergbauverein Zwickau e.V. in collaboration with our brewery. The annual “Miners’ Day” ensures that the mining traditions continue to live on nowadays. The miners’ parade that takes place during the Advent period before Christmas is an appreciative highlight of the mining tradition. Our mildly spicy and slightly hopped dark beer speciality„Schwarzes Gold“ is dedicated to Zwickau’s mining tradition.

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