Raw materials


Only good ingredients make a good beer.

Beer receives it typical flavour and aroma from hops. Quality hops from the Elbe-Saale region, the most northern cultivation area in Germany, gives our beer specialties their very own special hops flavour. Our brew masters achieve the flavour characteristic of Mauritius through lots of experience, closely guarded recipes and with the precise hops dosage during the brewing process.


Malt is made from malting barley. It gives the beer a full flavour and colour. We get our brewing malts from regional malting plants, which process selected malting barleys from controlled cultivation in western Saxony.

Sustainability, quality and regionality are of high importance when it comes to selecting our suppliers.


Brewing water is of crucial importance because the water hardness influences the beer’s taste. We only use crystal clear soft water from the Erzgebirge-Vogtland natural reserve to produce our beers. The outstanding quality of the brewing water is a significant contribution to the taste of Mauritius beers.

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